The Different Needs of Black & White People WIth Mental Illness(es)

There are many barriers preventing progression in mental health care in the Black community. One is finding a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist that understands. 

Many white people need to get over themselves and realize this is a troubling problem, and not a racial war. There is nothing to ‘win’ by being the bigger ‘victim’ to those who try and play that card. This is a real issue for non-whites and it is justified.

After years of Black people being used for medical experiments, lied to, given fatal diseases while being told it was a cure… And that is just the start.

There are so many things I plan to do on this site, so many larger reports I want to post up. I also plan on exploring this more but this is a great starting point I believe.

Of course when you break it down to the mental illness(es) and behavior, Black and white are no different. However, in the healing process there is a huge difference for Black people are forced to cope, from a very young age, with traumatic experiences and social situations white people never have to even think about.

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