Racism is On-Going Trauma; Specialized Attention Should Be Formed- Please Watch

I am aware that there are plenty of people who think the signs and symptoms of depression, suicide, behavioral issues and so forth are the same for everyone. While in general of course that is true, there is a very obvious factor that must be considered and dealt with among those suffering from mental illness(es) in the Black community.

Simply living while Black creates stress, unwanted problems that people of other ‘color’ do not have to deal with. This crosses all age groups, so from the youngest to the oldest, racism does impact the signs and symptoms and thus the treatment as well for anyone seeking help.

Of course all of the signs and problems we see in white people who suffer also are applicable; but the problem is on top of all of those issues and stresses, signs and symptoms, sadly there are more problems in the Black community than any other that add additional trauma and need.

I ask each and every one of you to watch the following video and share. White people, please listen, too. Try to imagine the horrors that aren’t your burden but are the burden of countless Black men, women AND children; a burden that is harming the mental well being of an entire group of people. Even if a child has the best, if that child is Black, the looming threat of racism, of being shot, of losing a loved one due to police violence and so much more are thoughts no white person has to deal with daily.

This is not a competition of who has it worse or who gets the most attention. This is a vital, HUMAN RIGHTS tragedy and more people, both Black, white, Hispanic and all other need to be aware of. It’s time people stop turning the other cheek.

I ask you to please, spare your time to walk in the shoes she describes. Please listen, hear the pain in her voice as she speaks not only for herself but for the lives of countless others.

This is trauma. This is a prime example of why basic symptoms & treatment that white people would more likely receive isn’t enough because on top of whatever trauma those white people have, these people have an immense, tragic, horrific terror that doesn’t ever give them a day off. Living in constant fear would qualify as more than PTSD I would diagnosis it as COMPLEX PTSD. And it needs attention. Please, listen. Please, understand why we need to not only meet the bare minimum for people who need mental health care in the community but also we have to reach higher, for the tragedy of racism never has left, the situations endured by many in the Black community need to be addressed professionally.

People are taking their own lives; people are risking their own lives with behavior that clearly says I don’t care if I live or die. This is SERIOUS. We can no longer ignore this. And on top of what other traumas may be going on, there is always the base trauma of racism in America. Please watch, and soon I will have symptoms, resources, etc up in the appropriate places for everyone to access. This is my first day on this page so please do work with me. I just needed to make this point, and when I saw this video she proves what I am saying to a sad perfection.

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