It’s National Suicide Prevention Week… Are You Ready to Step Up?

Click here for resources
Click here for resources

The severity of the issue of suicide in America is great; but the community that is least spoken of is the one that should be taking the forefront this year. This is a group of people who are least likely to seek out treatment (or have treatment available), most likely to live in traumatic circumstances while also having the highest suicide rate among young children ages 5-12.


This week I plan to exclusively focus on the different forms of trauma (on going) faced by anyone in the Black community, the unique challenges faced by people who do want to seek help and what can be done about it. I will be giving as many resources as possible, both to Black psychologists and psychiatrists as well as online support groups and hotlines. I will be explaining what trauma and different ailments are, different age groups and what is impacting them most to push these innocent children to begin thinking of suicide at such a young age, the distinctive and vulnerable struggles Black men and Black women face when confronted with the reality of having a mental illness, what to do if you think a loved one is depressed, struggling psychologically and/or suicidal, and more.

I want to use “Suicide Prevention Week” to educate as much as possible any one willing to read or listen to the reality of this very exclusive and too often secretive crisis, one that is only growing worse.

That said, I will end this post to begin working on others. I am considering making videos as well. Finally, while the most important and CRUCIAL POINT of this entire webpage and every post is to help anyone in the Black community, in any way, towards better mental health care, I also want to educate anyone, including those outside of the community, as to why these every day traumas no other “group” has to face are so traumatic. While this should be obvious, perhaps it isn’t and I’ve had numerous people request information, so I will address this as well as it is a contributor to the unnecessary  -and so wrongfully deemed ‘shameful’ by too many- deaths we see happening all too frequently.

Please follow for updates not only written by myself but for videos, podcasts and most importantly, resources, that are not always so easy to find.

Play your part;

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