When You Are Too Mentally and Emotionally Strained To Get Out of Bed…

A strong and beautiful Black man by the name of Sangu Delle speaks on the crippling stress he was under just a year prior speaking out about how severe it was, and how vital it is that men (and I am saying especially Black men!) need to realize more than ever talking about, and admitting with ourselves what is too much, understanding stress, depression and other mental illnesses, understanding how to cope with these things be it from just being Black in this country or personal trauma or overworking, or maybe all…

Regardless of what the cause, it is okay and it is imperative! that we understand there is NO shame in speaking out at our job, with our family and friends or wherever else you may find yourself overwhelmed…it is okay and it must be made a priority that Black men know when to say enough is enough it’s time I take care of my mental well being right now.

Once again; please listen to this video. At the beginning I confess that he speaks of how debilitating his stress and mental health had become. This is the first time I will admit I still suffer with stress and trauma related mental illnesses so bad I can’t get out of bed. Just as he talks about, there are still some days I just can’t.

But the step to healing is in accepting that this is a normal reaction to extreme situations and NOTHING in any of it has anything to be ashamed of.

Our brain is far more powerful than we know, and our soul is a million times more. To be set free, we have to be honest and open about ourselves, emotions and mental state for not only ourselves but our loved ones. The little ones are watching… Let them see that mental health is nothing to shun or shy away from. It isn’t a “white persons” issue. It’s a human and a natural issue that is every bit as life threatening in too many cases as cancer or any other terminal illness.

And in many ways it’s worse for as of right now, we -the mentally ill- are so ignored by ourselves and others.

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