Walk Like a Warrior: It’s Begun

Unapologetically Afrikan

I wrote this as a widget :NOTE: but felt it also should have it’s own post so! just copying it over->

I have been working on getting multiple projects up and running regarding Black mental health this past month, so please expect more regular posts, videos and perhaps emails depending on how things go… BUT! this NOTE is to let you all know, I’ll be making an event calendar ‘widget’ – there you will find what projects/essays I’ll be working on and when to expect them to be published on this site.

I also post other things from other people, including many YouTube videos of Black men and women speaking out… Please realize how important this is, and force yourself to hear them speak…even if you think you know…because we have a growing,  GROWING epidemic of suicide in young kids, a the dangerous teenagers face on through adulthood… This is big and it is real; it’s time we stop pretending it isn’t an issue… It isn’t an issue until it is your child, your teenager, or your uncle, your brother, sister, mother, grandmother, father, best friend, it isn’t an issue until what, they take their life?

Let’s PLEASE get active with this! I’ll be posting up some great resources and links within the week… Please, please don’t let this slip by unnoticed…

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