Site Active Again!

I apologize greatly for my lack of activity in spreading awareness and knowledge on this site. Due to personal matters time off was forced, though the knowledge I continued to gain, and now want to begin sharing it. This applies to both my “truth” site and the site dedicated to teaching others about what ignoring … Continue reading Site Active Again!

Introduction Post- Mental Health Series- What Is Coming-

Thoughts and Writings on a Growing Crisis

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I felt a need to write this introduction and give anyone who may be reading my upcoming posts an idea of what will be discussed… This post doesn’t hold the details I want to share but gives a small overview of what I will be sharing over the upcoming months.  I hope the introduction makes sense, if anyone has anything to add,  or any questions please, leave a comment or message me. P
lease note I will be covering the topic of Mental Health in the Black community in every aspect I’ve yet to come up with, but if you feel there is anything missing again, I please share.

It is important to know as a trigger warning that the upcoming posts will speak of topics such as suicide and mental health among all ages, including very young children. I will be sharing a few stories in detail and will…

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The Threat Faced By Trauma From Hate- Video

The reason for these videos I post on Black mental health, mental stigma and the need to speak out is not only because I feel it is crucial we hear and see the reality, to hear another Black woman or man share their experience, publicly, when it is such a taboo, yet fatal, topic among … Continue reading The Threat Faced By Trauma From Hate- Video