The Threat Faced By Trauma From Hate- Video

The reason for these videos I post on Black mental health, mental stigma and the need to speak out is not only because I feel it is crucial we hear and see the reality, to hear another Black woman or man share their experience, publicly, when it is such a taboo, yet fatal, topic among the people; one that is growing and not being discussed often enough, and the psychology of it all isn’t being addressed.

The whole situation is every Black person has some form of trauma, all dealing in different ways. Mental illness is not just for whites, and disorders already stigmatized like Borderline Personality Disorder, for example, are two times as stigmatized if you are Black.

I am currently working on a few pieces as well as resource collecting and researching a larger project to be shared later on this month. This paper will be regarding the urgent issue of Black children, starting at the age of 5, and suicide. The problem is not going down but rising, and the reason is clear yet still heartbreaking and shocking the more it is known that little children are taking their lives -something that is very rare for this age group, so rare there is not anything to really look at for reference.

This is up to us, and it is very much so an issue of great importance. I will be releasing this I am hoping within the next week or two.

Please listen. Please share.

Share. Share. SHARE. Help end the stigma that is killing, that is stealing, so many lives when if only that person felt safe enough to even open up to just a friend, that alone may have saved them. But people are too afraid of being laughed at, mocked or judged to speak. This isn’t simply something laughed off. This is fatal and how people act and talk about mental illness, depression or any other issues like stress, can be the difference in life or death.

This is real, too real, and it is not going away but growing. Black Mental Health Care Matters; and it needs attention now more than ever before.

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